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Your pet means so much to you and your family. Together, you create years of cherished memories. When your pet passes away, you naturally want to honor those memories in the best way possible.

At St. Francis, we help you say goodbye to your pet with respect and dignity. We offer you a choice of cremation services to meet your specific desires. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that your pet will be treated with complete respect.


When you have to say goodbye to your loving pet, you want to know things will be managed with the utmost care. Our staff has many years experience working with animals and serving the needs of their owners. Like you, we’re animal lovers too. At St. Francis, we’re committed to serving you so you have complete peace of mind and only the best memories of your faithful companion.


At St. Francis, we handle your pet with the utmost respect and care. If you choose private cremation, your pet will be cremated individually. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that all of your pet’s ashes—and only your pet’s ashes—are being returned to you in a walnut urn with brass name plate. For many, private cremation is the single best way to honor and cherish a faithful companion.


If you’d like to explore options other than our standard walnut urn with a brass plate, please visit and  Let us know which urn you’d like and we’ll take it from there.



If you wish to not have your pet’s ashes returned, you may select companion cremation. This is when your pet is cremated with other pets. Whether you choose private or companion cremation, you can be assured that we will treat your pet with the utmost respect.


To learn more about our pet cremation options and pricing, please contact Kevin and Angie Belcher at 269.969.1029 or at today.